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Puppy-Boom in Lockdown: Dog training basics with "Roo"

When our country began to shut down because of the spread of Covid-19, The Bowserlady started to get a few more phone calls about dog training. It became clear that people who have been waiting to add to their fur-family had a great reason to bring a puppy home! Why not? I cannot think of a better way to spend my mandated stay at home time than to teach a new lovable puppy to stay in their place. This was the case with the newest Bowser Academy recruit named Roo. Roo is an adorable Cocker-poo with a bright and sunny disposition and a very clever ability to grab onto puppy training quickly.

Roo's training began with two weeks at Bowser Academy socializing with other dogs of similar temperament. On a routine and schedule Roo learned a lot from being with other dogs and being handled by multiple care givers. This program reinforced good house training behavior and sleeping patterns. During his stay, Bowserlady and staff began introducing new training techniques. Beginning with name recognition, Roo learned to expertly sit, lay down, stay in place, wait at the door, follow on leash, and go to his bed. Two weeks at Bowser Academy gave Roo a training foundation to be continued at home.

Dog training "theory" is best explained to individual families in their home environment. This gives Bowserlady a chance to see the many aspects of a dog's personality and how they are directly influenced by their loved ones. She can also trouble shoot behaviors that may not have been presented during the two week stage of boarding and training. The floor is open during the consultation for Roo's family to ask questions and learn how to keep the benefits of training in their daily routine.

Roo, the cocker-poo, makes dog training look really easy! A dog who has been exercised will be willing to rest and quietly "go to their bed or kennel." Coaching Roo's owners through the various training exercises will give them a more realistic idea of daily activities for Roo. A short walk with frequent commands is just as stimulating to Roo as a long distance endurance activity. The mental exercise of training will take care of this puppy's needs. When Roo goes into his kennel for down time, his owners can effectively work from home because their puppy is less distracting.

We would like to thank Roo's family for the opportunity to train the second generation of Bowser Academy recruits. Passing the family tradition onto Roo was a very special opportunity for us. We wish you all the best in your new adventures with your puppy 🐶

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