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"Follow Me!" A walking exercise with The Bowserlady

Cash, the mini Bernadoodle, has just completed a two week Bowser Academy Boot Camp training program. His owner asked that The Bowserlady focus on some behaviors that were causing bad manners on their walks and around the house. Since Cash is not a puppy and has mastered a lot of basic commands. The Boot Camp program gave us the opportunity to recondition him while walking on leash. Here is how to redirect and reinforce those good manners:

Working with The Bowserlady in the training room at Bowser Academy was successful! Then it was time to return Cash to his home environment and fully evaluate how best to continue his training. At this stage, Cash is introduced to corrective measures and his owner is taught how to stop unwanted behaviors.

With a full training program on board, it was time to move forward with new tools for Cash's owner to use on their walks. Before leaving the home, Cash is expected to "wait" at the front door so they can safely proceed into their busy neighborhood.

In Cash's neighborhood there are a lot of day to day distractions. As they walk together, The Bowserlady and his owner practice good behavior techniques, redirect unwanted behavior, and spend time training Cash. As a result, Cash pulls less, listens better, and walks with slack on his leash.

Over the next 48 hours, Cash's family will reinforce his training behavior with the methods provided by consultation, video, and instructional handouts. This sweet, sensitive, and highly intelligent mini Bernadoodle has adapted to his training beautifully. In the future, Bowser Academy will be a great resource for additional support throughout Cash's life.

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