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Two by Two: Cockapoos in Training

Recently, I have had the privilege of working with two Cockapoos named Henry and Hattie. These dogs are litter mates and were having trouble with their manners in social situations. Their family hoped that they could take them into public areas without becoming overly excited when encountering new people, traffic, movement, and especially other dogs. Bowser Boot-camp was a perfect opportunity for Hattie and Henry to learn how to follow directions.

Training two bonded dogs like Hattie and Henry can be challenging. The first step is to train each dog individually and then move to training them together. At first, we separated them and worked with them individually. During the second week of training we began to train them together and off-leash. After the second week, Hattie and Henry learned manners by introducing them to social situations and reinforcing the training method.

Hattie and Henry are continuing to receive training support each time they come to visit the Bowser B&B and Bowser Academy. This sweet pair of Cockapoos learned so much over their three weeks of training at Bowser Academy.

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