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"Rosie" the Mini Bernadoodle: A Jumpstart Success Story

Rosie was lovingly reunited with her family following a 2 Week Jumpstart training program with Bowserlady, Michelle Polly. Rosie is the second dog in their family and has brought some typical puppy issues into their household. After intensive work with the Bowserlady and staff, Rosie and her family are off to a great start!

Like most of us, it can be difficult to find the "tone" of voice and discipline "style" for each unique canine. With multiple family members it is best to get on the same page regarding dog training. Using social distance, this group was able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

Rosie's owners were able to identify some problem behaviors to work on when meeting other people and their dogs along their route. Using a simple training leash, Rosie returned home to her own turf and was able to demonstrate a new attitude about her walks. This was a great time to also instruct the family on the methods that Rosie learned during her two week session at Bowser Academy.

With her everyday distractions, Rosie followed commands and was reinforced with positive measures. When Rosie did not comply, she was corrected with her training leash or "Mr. No No" remote correction tool. This sensitive Mini Bernadoodle responded well to the training leash corrections and very rarely came in contact with "Mr. No No."

Rosie's family also found it necessary to address indoor behaviors with the Bowserlady. In this situation, questions and concerns about Rosie's crate training were addressed. With gentle pressure being applied, Rosie entered and exited her crate making it a less difficult situation when it is necessary for her to be crated. Over the next two days, Rosie's family will be able to solidify these training methods to create a more harmonious relationship with their furbabies.

We wish Rosie, Louie, and their family the best of luck with their new training program! With support from Bowserlady and Bowser Academy we hope their loving home and family enjoy each and every moment of Puppyhood 🐩

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